Poems for Grieving

We Meet Again

Smile my sweet prince, I am with you again.
Can you feel my presence? I sense you can.
I do not suffer, I feel no pain.
I am free from the world with much bigger plans.
Smile my sweet prince, for we meet again.

I Am Fine

Ahh little princess, you feel so much pain.
But it serves you no use, I am not of this plane.
My purpose was growth, both yours and mine.
We made it sweet princess, don’t weep, I am fine.

I am Here

I am here in the sunlight that warms the day
I am here in the moonlight that lights your way
I am here in the rain that leaves all anew
I am here when you wake up, all around you.

I Live On

Spend no money on my body
Pay me no tribute at all
My body was but a transport for soul
Its gone, but I live on.

Joy and Happiness

Remember the times that were good and fun,

Use them for happiness and joy.

Do me great honor by moving along,

Spend no time on sorrow.

Not Confined

We reached new levels of learning in life

And our time is now at an end

But only on this physical plane

Where our souls are not confined.

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