Health issues in bearded dragons, signs, diagnosis, treatment, healing and preventative measures. Emergency care and support.

Surgery on egg bound (dystocia) bearded dragon

Bearded Dragon Egg Bound [Egg Binding & Care]

Dr. Donald Buchanan (DVM), companion animal veterinarian practicing in Nova Scotia, Canada. A bearded dragon egg bound cannot pass its eggs. This is also known as egg binding or dystocia (postovulatory stasis). Bearded dragon egg bound is a very common…

cleaning bearded dragon teeth

Bearded Dragon Teeth: Complete Guide to Anatomy and Care

Bearded dragon teeth possess a unique dental constitution that reflects their omnivorous diet. These lizards have teeth that are adapted for gripping and slicing through a variety of food items, from insects to vegetables. Unlike mammals, bearded dragons have 2…

yellow skin black skin CANV in bearded dragons

Yellow Fungus Disease – Symptoms, Treatment & Care

Yellow fungus in bearded dragons is often picked up on by pet owners when their bearded dragons skin is yellow, brown or black in patches, but what exactly is it? Article by Dr. Donald Buchanan, companion animal veterinarian practicing in…

nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism in bearded dragons NSHP

Metabolic Bone Disease MDB [& what to do about it]

Are your bearded dragons legs not working? Two possible causes for a bearded dragon’s legs to stop working are impaction and metabolic bone disease (MBD), or nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism (NSHP). This article focuses on NSHP. Article by Dr. Donald Buchanan…

Can my bearded dragon make me sick and can my bearded dragon catch my cold

Can my Bearded Dragon Make Me Sick and Can I Make it Sick?

Dr Callista Chinenye Emecheta is a Medical Practitioner and a Public Health enthusiast. Callista completed her Masters degree in Public Health in 2023 at the University of Northampton, UK. Can my bearded dragon make me sick? Yes bearded dragons can…