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newly hatched bearded dragon baby

Breeding, Egg laying, Sexing and Desexing Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are oviparous (produce young by eggs) and can deliver multiple clutches a year. Bearded dragon's are one of ...
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combinations of substrate for bearded dragons

How to Choose the Best Substrate And Wild Bearded Dragon Substrates

The best substrate for bearded dragons is not a single substrate, but a combination of substrates and accessories. A good ...
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Bearded Dragon Indoors and Outdoor Housing

Setting up your bearded dragons home well will provide you with easy access to your pet and will lay the ...
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bearded dragon fat belly

Is my Bearded Dragon Fat or Skinny? 5 easy steps to lose weight

So many pet bearded dragons are fat that it is becoming the 'norm'. Overweight reptiles are open to serious health ...
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Natural habitat for reptile house

Enriching life and Accessories for bearded dragon’s

Environments that provide enrichment and encourage natural behaviours have been linked to more activity, leaner body condition and longer lives ...
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What Every Bearded Dragon Owner Needs to Know About Humidity

Complete Guide to Humidity for Bearded Dragons

Providing the best humidity levels for a bearded dragon in their microenvironment will support their health and well-being. Before attempting ...
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