How Much Do Bearded Dragons Cost? Budgeting the Real Costs

Bearded dragons are a popular pet for reptile enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of personable behavior and manageable care requirements. But, how much do bearded dragons cost? Understanding what bearded dragons cost makes budgeting easier with a few less surprises along the way!

how much do bearded dragons cost with 4 calculators including electricity calculator.

Key Takeaways

  • 3 calculators to prepare financially for bearded dragon care. Customize your bearded dragon’s care with our tailored calculators.
  • Make informed choices about where to get your bearded dragon, ensuring the best for both of you.
  • Your choice of bearded dragon and their housing will directly impact costs of setup and the health and wellbeing of the reptile.
  • Appreciate the true value of a bearded dragon beyond the monetary cost, focusing on the love and fulfillment they bring.

How Much Money do you Need to get a Bearded Dragon?

Can you afford to buy a bearded dragon? Are bearded dragons expensive to own? How much will a bearded dragon cost to own? What are the overall expenses involved in bearded dragon ownership? What do you need for a bearded dragon? Our personalised calculators list all the essential items you need for your bearded dragon, eliminating the need for further search. You can adjust the costs to match your specific circumstances.

There are 3 calculators for Bearded Dragons costs:

  1. Calculator: How much do bearded dragons cost: This calculator walks you through the typical items to consider during the initial purchase.
  2. Calculator: How long will it take you to save to buy a bearded dragon: Now you know how much you need, calculate how long it will take you to save up.
  3. Calculator: How expensive are bearded dragons to maintain: This calculator walks you through the typicaly annual costs of owning a bearded dragon.

These personalized interactive calculators comes pre-loaded with default values. Since each propsective pet owner will have different circumstances which influence the costs, the calculator enables you to personalise your own figures helping you to assess your budget.

Some prepopulated items do not need to cost money. For example, rocks and branches can be collected from outdoors and may not cost any money. A feeding dish isn’t necessarily required but if it is, a plate would do.

Add Items and Descriptions: The calculators are preloaded with basic items for your bearded dragon. Add any additional items or special care products you plan to include. To identify your bearded dragons cost research the price of each item in your area to calculate the total.

The calculators do not cater to any specific currency, they are designed to be universal.

Whether you’re a first-time bearded dragon owner or looking to update your current setup, these calculators is designed to help you plan and budget effectively, ensuring your bearded dragon can enjoy a happy and healthy life without unexpected financial surprises.


Calculator: How Much do Bearded Dragons Cost?

Here is your bearded dragons cost calculator! This tool provides you with an estimate of the total bearded dragons costs involved in purchasing a bearded dragon, including all the essential items. You can also input any additional items you plan to purchase for your beardie.

Initial Pet Cost Calculator – Set Your Budget
Bearded DragonChoose your bearded dragon.
Cage IndoorsChoose your indoor cage.
Cage OutdoorsChoose your outdoor cage.
Insect HousingSomething to keep the insects in.
UVB LampTo house the UVB bulb.
UVB BulbEssential for vitamin D3 synthesis.
Basking LampTo house the basking bulb.
UVB BulbProvides heat for a basking spot.
Thermometers2 thermometers to monitor temperature gradients.
HygrometerA hygrometer to monitor humidity.
ThermostatFor precise control of heating elements preventing over and underheating, set heating and lighting cycles.
UPSProtect expensive electrical equipment plus bulbs and prevent short interuptions to power.
DecorBasking platforms, hides, climbing branches.
DishesSimple dishes for food and water.
Misting BottleUseful for addition to hydration routines.
TweezersFeeding tweezers saves fingers and relationships with reptiles.
First Aid KitTweezers, first-aid kit, digital scale.
Pet CarrierUseful for going out, especially to the vets.
Cleaning ItemsBucket, scrubbing brush and clothes just for your bearded dragon (should not be shared with anything or anyone else).
CONSUMABLES (Recommend budgeting for the 1st month)
Bearded Dragon FoodVariety of insects and vegetables.
SupplementsCalcium and vitamin D3 supplements.
Insect FoodVariety of insects and vegetables.
SubstrateReptile substrate.
DisinfectantDisinfectant like F10.
Vet VisitInitial visit to the vets to baseline health and checkup.

Total Cost: $0.00

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Calculator: How Long Will it take to Save for my Bearded Dragon?

How much time will it take to save up for your bearded dragon? Use this calculator to determine the date when you’ll be able to afford your new pet. Take the initial costs you worked out in the calculator above ‘Calculator: How Much do Bearded Dragons Cost?’ and input it here along with your savings budget.

Bearded Dragon Savings Calculator

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Calculator: How Expensive are Bearded Dragons to Maintain?

Here’s a handy calculator to help you estimate the expenses associated with caring for a bearded dragon, with basic items already included. Remember to consider electricity costs. Our specialized electricity costs calculator can assist with that aspect.

Calculator Table Cost of Owning a Pet
Live InsectsLive feed such as crickets, dubia roaches, etc.0
Live Insect FoodFood to maintain the live feed insects.0
VegetablesGreens and vegetables, fresh & frozen.0
SupplementsCalcium supplements.0
SubstrateClean substrate for cage. Tip: set up a tiled floor instead!0
DisinfectantF10 or similar.0
UVB Bulb ReplacementTypically replaced every 6 months, depending on the UVB bulb.0
Vet CheckupAnnual vet visit recommended before winter.0
Your total cost to keep your bearded dragon for a year: 0

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Understanding the Costs of a Bearded Dragon: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcoming a reptile into your home is more than just acquiring a pet; it’s a commitment to a living being that will rely on you for its care and well-being for over a decade. Having a clear understanding of the bearded dragons cost, the financial commitment involved, will assist you in making an informed decision on pet ownership.

How Much do Bearded Dragons Cost?

Here are the initial costs to buy a bearded dragon:

The base price of bearded dragons varies widely depending on several factors. Standard bearded dragons typically cost between $30 and $60 at large pet retailers like Petco. However, prices can fluctuate based on the morph, color, age, and rarity of the lizard. For example, a zero bearded dragon may sell for $400 or more.

How much does a bearded dragon cost when it comes to morphs?

  • Morphs like leatherback, zero, silkie, dunner, and german giant bearded dragons are often valued higher due to their unique appearance.
  • Colors and patterns also factor into cost such as reds, yellows and orange.
  • Age is another determining factor. Juvenile dragons may cost less initially, but they could potentially bring higher costs in terms of care and setup. The adult bearded dragons may be priced higher due to their established health and size.
  • Breeder’s reputation, the health and lineage of the animal, and whether it comes with a terrarium and initial setup supplies.
  • Breeder Quality: Can influence price range

A bearded dragon morph or color varies widely. For something a little more special expect to pay £200 or $500 upwards.

  • Australia: On average, a bearded dragon in Australia might cost between AUD 50 to AUD 300. Australians are restricted to owning only the species of bearded dragon native to the state they live in.
  • United States: Prices vary widely in the U.S., ranging from $30 to over $1000, depending on the morph and color. Petco, prices might start around $80.
  • Canada: Bearded dragons are comparably priced in Canada, where one can expect to spend anywhere from CAD 60 onwards.
  • United Kingdom: In the UK, prices are similar to those in the U.S. and Canada, starting at around GBP 40 upwards. Again, colors and morphs will heavily impact the price.

Initial Costs of Bearded Dragon Ownership

  1. Bearded Dragon Purchase
    • Age Factor: Younger dragons are generally more affordable, with prices ranging from $30 to $60. Adult dragons can cost up to $100.
    • Source Variation: Prices vary between pet stores and breeders. Rehoming offers from current owners may present lower costs or even free adoption opportunities.
    • Type and Rarity: Standard bearded dragons are less expensive, while unique colors or breeds can command prices up to $1,200.
  2. Main Equipment
    • Enclosure: Enclosures should not be glass tanks. Having said that, the typical housing purchased are tanks. The enclosure should be a minimum size of 75 gallon tank, preferably more. If the enclosure does not have a top to it then a screen lid is required to secure the enclosure. Enclosures will typically be priced in the 100’s.
    • Heating and UV Lighting: Essential for health, with heat bulbs priced between $15 and $30, and UV bulbs ranging from $20 to $150. The setup you choose will determine the fixtures that you will need for the bulbs. For example, you may choose mercury vapor bulbs (all in one) or strip lights (UVB) and basking bulbs (heat).
      Some bulbs require a wire mesh cage over them to protect your reptile from burns.
    • Hygrometer & Thermometers: At least 1 hygrometer (checking humidity) and 2 thermometers are required (one in the cool end and one in the hot end of enclosure).
    • Thermostat: Thermostats are often overlooked but they are important to ensure heating and lighting cycles can be set. This means that overheating the enclosure is much less likely to occur and lights will go on and off as per the settings.
    • UPS: An uninteruptable power supply can improve the longevity of your equipment, keep the power going for a period of time during electricity interuptions (especially for winter).
    • Decor: Enhancements like branches and rocks for climbing and basking can be found or purchased from landscaping stores.
    • Tongs: Feeding tongs are useful to prevent your fingers from being associated with food and getting nipped.
    • Insect Housing: Insects will be needed to be kept in a clean condition and gutloaded (fed a diet useful for your bearded dragon) before feeding to your reptile. A small container such as would be used for a hermit crab could suffice for living space for the insects.
  3. Consumables
    • Substrate: Safe flooring options vary. Substrates are always a hot topic between reptile owners. The substrate guide can assist you in making the right choices. Picking an enclosure that can be tiled will ensure you never have to deal with other substrate options.
    • Live Food: Costs for crickets and worms can be minimized by bulk purchasing, with weekly expenses potentially being just a few dollars. Live food also requires housing that will keep them clean and food that should be gutloaded.
    • Plants: A variety of safe plants should be included in the diet.
    • Insect Food: Insects will be gutloaded (fed a diet useful for your bearded dragon) before feeding to your reptile. This is done through vegetables, water, minerals and vitamins.
    • Vitamins & Minerals: A vitamin mix and calcium are typically used in diets.
  4. Vet Visits
    • Factor in a vet visit at least annually and especially when you first buy your bearded dragon. Your vet will be able to baseline your bearded dragons health for future reference, very useful if they get sick. In addition, getting your bearded dragon checked out by a vet should uncover any issues such as parasites or signs of poor health.

Recurring Expenses

  1. Monthly Feeding Costs: Could range from $50 to $125 dependent on what you can produce yourself and the prices in your area.
  2. Electricity Costs: Electricity costs will occur with heating and lighting.
  3. UVB Bulbs: UVB and other bulbs will be required. UVB bulbs are typically replaced every 6 months.
  4. Healthcare: Annual vet visit pre brumation will help keep your bearded dragon safe while it hibernates and keep their health baselined with your vet for when problems do occur.

Where Should I Get my Bearded Dragon

When planning to purchase a bearded dragon, potential owners can consider pet stores for convenience or turn to breeders for more specific needs. Rescue options are also available for those looking to adopt.

Pet stores typically offer a variety of bearded dragons, making them a convenient option for purchasing a new reptile pet. The cost of bearded dragons at retail chains like Petco can start from around $30 and go up, depending on the size and age of the pet. Pet stores provide a range of species, including the central bearded dragon, which is a popular, domesticated option. However, pet store animals may not come with detailed lineage or health information, which can be a concern for some owners.

Purchasing a bearded dragon from a private breeder often allows you to select from reptiles bred for specific qualities, including red, orange, white, leatherback, smooth and so on. Breeders can provide detailed information about the dragon’s health history, lineage, and care requirements. Specialty bearded dragons are typically more expensive due to their rarity. Reptile expos are excellent venues to connect with reputable breeders and compare prices and species but they are stressful on the animals attending.

Adoption through rescue organizations offers the chance to provide a home for bearded dragons in need. While the cost of adoption can be less compared to pet stores or breeders, it’s primarily about giving a second chance to an abandoned or surrendered pet. Rescue dragons will come with their unique past care experiences. When adopting, it’s important to assess any special care requirements the bearded dragon may have due to its previous living conditions.

Understanding the True Cost of Bearded Dragon Ownership Conclusion

The journey of bearded dragon ownership requires consideration of the bearded dragons cost and budget you have.

How much do bearded dragons cost?
The initial purchase price of a bearded dragon can vary significantly. Standard varieties may start from as low as $40, with specialty morphs and colors potentially exceeding $1,000 due to their rarity and unique characteristics.

How much are bearded dragons worth?
The worth of a bearded dragon goes beyond its purchase price, encompassing the joy, companionship, and unique experiences they bring into your life. Their value is measured in the enriching interactions and the bond you develop over time.

How much money does a bearded dragon cost initially?
Initially, the pet cost includes the price of the bearded dragon itself plus the necessary habitat setup which can range into the 1000s. The calculators provided above allow you to tailor these cost estimates to your specific situation, ensuring the figures are directly applicable to you.

How much does it cost to keep a bearded dragon?
The ongoing monthly bearded dragons cost encompasses nutrition, dietary supplements, electricity, substrate, intermittent visits to the vet and other items. The calculators provided above give you a list of common items and enable you to personalise any additional costs.

How much does a bearded dragon cost in electricity per month?
Electricity costs for maintaining the proper habitat temperature and lighting can add up on your monthly expenses. The electricity calculator will assist you in understanding those costs.

In conclusion, while the financial aspect of bearded dragon ownership is an important consideration, it’s the emotional and time investment that truly defines the value of this unique relationship. As a prospective owner weigh up the initial and ongoing costs against the long-term rewards of companionship, learning, and the joy of caring for a living creature. Bearded dragon ownership is not just a purchase; it’s a commitment to providing a loving home and a willingness to embark on an enriching journey together.


How much are bearded dragon at a pet retailer like Petco or PetSmart?

Bearded dragons at pet retailers such as Petco or PetSmart generally range from $80 to onwards. The price may vary based on the age of the bearded dragon, with baby dragons typically being less expensive than adults.

Should I Get 1 or 2 Bearded Dragons?

When starting out aim for 1 bearded dragon. Keeping bearded dragons together poses risks including stress, loss of body parts and in extreme cases, death.
Successful cohabitation is possible with proper conditions, as seen in zoos and wildlife parks where bearded dragons are kept together. Some of the major key difference lies in the enclosure size and sufficient spots to bask and hide to reduce competition.


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