Since you are here right now, something tells me that you are looking for ideas or information, maybe ready to create a new and excitingly unique enclosure for your reptile or maybe even getting focused on breeding insects for food.

Along with guest writers including Dr Donald Buchanan (DVM), Dr Amna Ahmad (DVM) and Dr Callista Chinenye Emecheta (Medical Practitioner) Bearded Dragons World continues to grow.

Bearded Dragons World grew from a tiny thought of making a better world for reptiles to a whole community of tens of thousands of people passionate about bearded dragons on Facebook. Nowadays the focus is on this website.

Bearded Dragons World is the culmination of many years of reviewing research and helping pet owners. It brings valuable information, grounded in factual and scientific research, and from medical experts including veterinarians and other professional guest writers. On the creative side, delving into the DIY side which brings so much enjoyment. It is a continual work in progress.

Come along and enjoy the ride!