pair of bearded dragonsin their house


combinations of substrate for bearded dragons

How to Choose the Best Substrate And Wild Bearded Dragon Substrates

The best substrate for bearded dragons is not a single substrate, but a combination of substrates and accessories. A good ...
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Bearded Dragon Indoors and Outdoor Housing

Setting up your bearded dragons home well will provide you with easy access to your pet and will lay the ...
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Natural habitat for reptile house

Enriching life and Accessories for bearded dragon’s

Environments that provide enrichment and encourage natural behaviours have been linked to more activity, leaner body condition and longer lives ...
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How to make background rock walls

How to Make Background Rock Walls

Making fake rock walls or backgrounds for your bearded dragons enclosure can be fun and you get to create a ...
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sourcing wood from outdoors for bearded dragons

Rocks, Branches and Wood from Outdoors

Can I use wood from outdoors for my bearded dragon? Using branches and wood from outside in your bearded dragons ...
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Build your own bearded dragon house

Build your own Bearded Dragon House | DIY Enclosures

There are many types of housing available for your bearded dragon including vivariums, aquariums and melamine cages although not all ...
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Solar radiation bands for bearded dragons UVB UVA and visible light

Simplifying Bearded Dragon Lighting and Heating setup

The equipment needed for the heating and lighting setup for bearded dragon’s is: Basking or normal light light and lamp ...
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spray bottles for cleaning

How to Clean your Bearded Dragons House and Furnishings

We often use the term cleaning to cover cleaning, disinfection, sanitisation and sterilisation and yet they are distinctively different. Cleaning ...
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