Step-by-step guides to a perfect diet for your bearded dragon. From delightful treats to daily nutrition, to the essential what to feed and what not to feed.

Guide to calcium for bearded dragons. Sources of calcium, how much calcium, how often to give calcium. Liquid or powder calcium.

Simplifying Calcium for Bearded Dragons and Vitamin D3

Getting calcium for bearded dragons right is crucial for good health but can get a little confusing, especially when adding vitamin D3 into the equation. Dr Amna Ahmad is a Doctor of Veterinary Science graduated from the University of Agriculture,…

bearded dragon diet

Bearded Dragon Diet and Nutrition [Over 125 Safe Food List]

The nutrient requirements of reptiles is not well understood (Stahl and Donoghue, 2010). However, with the knowledge of veterinarians and scientific research, a well formulated bearded dragon diet is possible. The bearded dragon diet varies from hatchlings, through to adults.…

bearded dragons eat mice

Bearded Dragons Eat Mice [& healthy options]

Bearded dragons can eat mice however, the question is more ‘should they?’. Newborn mice are called pinkies and will weigh no more than a gram or 2. Between 5-9 days of age mice become juveniles and are called fuzzies as…