Discover how to elevate your bearded dragon’s wellbeing, and everyday care to keep your dragon thriving.

how do I grieve my bearded dragon died last night

My Bearded Dragon died, emotional moments

The loss of a pet is more than just the loss of an animal, it is the loss of a companion and friend. Whether it was your bearded dragon that died, or any other pet you loved, it is likely…

Gauging humidity for bearded dragons

Complete Guide to Humidity for Bearded Dragons

The best humidity for bearded dragons 30-40% (relative humidity). Providing the best humidity levels for a bearded dragon in their enclosure will support their health and well-being. Best Humidity Level for Bearded Dragons What humidity do bearded dragons need? Bearded…

Clean bearded dragons house

Best Ways to Get a Super Clean Bearded Dragons House

Who doesn’t want a super clean bearded dragons house with sparkling glass and no smelly odours? Regular and effective cleaning is the greatest gift and best protection you can give your bearded dragon against disease and support of good health.…

bearded dragon bath: making it easy and fun

Bearded Dragon Bath Time: For a Safe and Soothing Experience

A bearded dragon bath is one essential aspect of caring for these creatures, offering benefits beyond mere cleanliness. Immersion in water aids in maintaining hydration—crucial for their overall health—and also ensures that bearded dragons are kept clean, which is especially…

taming a bearded dragon and preventing biting

Taming a Bearded Dragon & Bite Prevention: Ultimate Guide

Taming a bearded dragon is an art that requires patience and understanding. While these creatures are typically docile, if a bearded dragon is biting or untamed it can be challenging to care for and enjoy them. In this comprehensive guide,…

bearded dragons cannot be imported or exported Australia

Importing and Exporting Bearded Dragons: Regulations for Australia

Moving to Australia and want to bring your pet bearded dragon? Unfortunately, importing and exporting pet bearded dragons to or from Australia is also not allowed. When it comes to Australia, strict rules govern the import and export of certain pets, including reptiles…