268 Funny Bearded Dragon Names for your Hilarious Pet

Funny bearded dragon names can be a delightful adventure, and in this post, we embark on a journey filled with chuckles and grins. From puns to food-inspired monikers and everything in between. There’s gender neutral names for bearded dragons and those inspired by Marvel, Movies and more. Get ready to explore a collection of names that will make you laugh and perfectly suit your beloved bearded dragon’s unique personality.

Funny Bearded Dragon Names

70 Irresistably Funny Names for Bearded Dragons

Funny bearded dragon names start here! These playful names reflect your great sense of humor and will bring delight into conversations with your friend.

  1. Baron Von Beardie – A noble touch to the beard in ‘bearded dragon’
  2. Baskin Robbins – For a bearded dragon who enjoys basking, pun on the ice cream chain
  3. Beardo – A bearded dragon with a beard-like appearance
  4. Biscuit – A sweet name for a small, round dragon
  5. Blinky Stardust – For the pet with a cosmic personality and starry eyes.
  6. Boba – After the tapioca pearls in bubble tea
  7. Boogie Scalester – For a bearded dragon who loves to bask to the music
  8. Boop McSnoot – For a pet with an irresistibly boopable snout.
  9. Bumblefoot – For the clumsy adventurer who’s always getting into scrapes.
  10. Butt Face – For the pet with a quirky rear end or funny face
  11. Captain Crunch – For the bearded dragon who loves to munch
  12. Cheeto – For an orange-colored bearded dragon, like the snack
  13. Chewbacca – For a bearded dragon with a “furry” look
  14. Cuddlebug – Ironically for a bearded dragon, since they’re not bugs
  15. Dino-S’more – For a bearded dragon that’s as sweet as a campfire treat
  16. Donut – A sweet name for a round and lovable dragon
  17. Doodle Noodle – For a long, slender pet with a penchant for silly antics.
  18. Dr. Lizardo – A comical spin for a bearded dragon with ‘doctorly’ wisdom
  19. Dragon McDragonface – A playful, tautological name
  20. Fizzgig – Named after the creature from “The Dark Crystal”
  21. Fizzlepop – For a pet with a fizzy, effervescent personality.
  22. Flapjack – For a pet who flattens out like a pancake when lying down.
  23. Fuzzbucket – Ironically for the distinctly unfuzzy reptile
  24. Gherkin – For a small or pickled-looking bearded dragon
  25. Giggles McSnort – For a pet whose every sound or movement induces laughter.
  26. Godzilla – A humorous name for a tiny lizard
  27. Grumpysaurus – A humorous name for the bearded dragon with a permanent frown
  28. Jabberwock – A nod to the creature from “Alice in Wonderland”
  29. Jigglebean – For a pet with a jiggly, bouncy nature.
  30. Lady Lick-a-lot – For a female dragon who’s always tasting the air
  31. Lady Lizardbreath – For a dragon with a breath as fierce as her bite
  32. Miss Hiss – For a sassy dragon with a bit of attitude
  33. Mr. Fluffykins – Ironically for the scaley, non-fluffy dragon
  34. Muffin Chaser – For a pet that can’t resist following you into the kitchen.
  35. Nacho – A spicy name, like the snack
  36. Ninja Newt – Even though it’s not a newt, it’s stealthy as a ninja
  37. Noodle – A playful take on their long, slender bodies
  38. Pancake – Flat like a pancake when basking
  39. Prince Puff – For a bearded dragon that puffs up when startled
  40. Princess Scaleypants – A royal title for a scaly pet
  41. Puff Magic – Inspired by the song “Puff the Magic Dragon”
  42. Queen Frizzle – For a bearded dragon with a frizzy, rough appearance
  43. Quesadilla – A cheesy name
  44. Rambo – The action-hero ready for adventure
  45. Scaley Cyrus – A pun on the celebrity Miley Cyrus
  46. Sheriff Scales – Law and order in the terrarium
  47. Sir Basks-a-Lot – Another knightly name for a sun-loving dragon
  48. Sir Blinks-a-Lot – Perfect for a pet who has an adorable habit of blinking excessively.
  49. Sir Hissalot – When there is more hiss than bite
  50. Sir Licks-a-Lot – For the bearded dragon who can’t stop licking the glass
  51. Sir Scales-A-Lot – A knightly name for a scaly friend
  52. Sir Sheds-a-Lot – For the bearded dragon who’s always shedding
  53. Sir Slithers – For the dragon with snake-like moves
  54. Sneaky Salamander – Another ironic name, as bearded dragons aren’t sneaky nor salamanders
  55. Snickers – For the pet that makes you laugh
  56. Snoop Dragon – A play on the rapper Snoop Dogg
  57. Snorfle Puff – For a pet who makes cute, snuffling noises while exploring or sleeping.
  58. Snugglebug – For when your bearded dragon likes to get close
  59. Spaghetti – Another noodle-inspired name
  60. Spiky McSpikeface – A humorous nod to their spiky appearance
  61. Squiggle McWiggles – For a pet that never seems to stay still.
  62. Tater Tot – Small and potato-like, a cute name
  63. Toasty – Perfect for a reptile who loves basking
  64. Tofu – For a pale or white bearded dragon
  65. Twinkle Toes – For the light-footed reptile, or just for fun
  66. Waffles – When your pet has patterned skin like a waffle
  67. Whisker Twist – A play on reptiles since they don’t have whiskers.
  68. Wigglebutt – For a bearded dragon with a wiggly demeanor
  69. Wobble Bottom – For a pet with a particularly wobbly walk or stance.
  70. Zippy Longsocks – For a pet with long legs or a tendency to run around at high speed.

45 Funny Bearded Dragon Names Inspired by Marvel Comics

Dive into the action-packed world of Marvel comics for a dose of inspiration when naming your bearded dragon. Brimming with vibrant characters, both heroic and villainous, there’s no shortage of funny bearded dragon names to choose from. Whether you opt for a name that’s a humorous take on a formidable superhero or a playful twist on a notorious villain, each suggestion from the Marvel realm is sure to capture the dynamic personality of your pet. So suit up and prepare for a rollicking adventure as we unveil a list of funny bearded dragon names that pay homage to the legendary figures of Marvel comics, guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any comic book enthusiast.

  1. Ant-Mandible
  2. Bask Widow
  3. Beast Boy
  4. Black Panthera
  5. Bruce Basker
  6. Captain Americrawl
  7. Cyclops Eye
  8. Daredeviled Egg
  9. Doctor Strangescale
  10. Dr. Doomtail
  11. Drax the Sunbasker
  12. Falcon Feathers
  13. Gambit Glider
  14. Green Goblin
  15. Groot Beard
  16. Groot the Newt
  17. Hawkeye Hide
  18. Iron Scale
  19. Kamala Chameleon
  20. Loki Charmer
  21. Mysterio Crest
  22. Nebula Night
  23. Nick Furyous
  24. Nightcrawler
  25. Peter Parkour
  26. Professor Xcales
  27. Quicksilver Quick
  28. Rocket Raccoon
  29. Rocket Reptile
  30. Scale Witch
  31. Scalelord
  32. Scaleye
  33. Scarlet Witcher
  34. Spider-Ham
  35. Star-Lizard
  36. Storm Scale
  37. Thanos Tail
  38. Thor Lizardson
  39. Tony Starkscale
  40. Venom Tongue
  41. Vision Vertebrate
  42. Wade Scaleson
  43. Wanda Maximizard
  44. War Machine Warm
  45. Winter Scales

45 Funny Names for Bearded Dragons Inspired by Science and Technology

For those who cherish the wonders of science and technology, naming your bearded dragon can be a unique opportunity to reflect your passions. In the spirit of innovation and discovery, here is a collection of funny bearded dragon names add a touch of geeky charm and embody the quirky and intelligent essence of these fields.

  1. Algorithm
  2. Atom
  3. Babbage
  4. Beaker
  5. Byte
  6. Cache
  7. Cipher
  8. Coder
  9. Crick
  10. Darwin
  11. Data
  12. Diode
  13. Edison
  14. Flux
  15. Fusion
  16. Giga
  17. Graphene
  18. Hawking
  19. Helix
  20. Hyperlink
  21. Java
  22. Kernel
  23. Laser
  24. Linux
  25. Matrix
  26. Nano
  27. Neutrino
  28. Neutron
  29. Newton
  30. Pascal
  31. Photon
  32. Pixel
  33. Proton
  34. Quantum
  35. Quark
  36. Reboot
  37. Silicon
  38. Tera
  39. Tesla
  40. Transistor
  41. Turing
  42. Vector
  43. Volt
  44. Watson
  45. Widget

18 Funny Bearded Dragon Names Inspired by Celebrities

Introducing your reptile companion with a touch of star-studded flair can be a delightful way to celebrate their unique charm. Drawing inspiration from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, these funny bearded dragon names can add a touch of humor and whimsy to their persona.

  1. Beardie DeGeneres
  2. Beardie Depp
  3. Beardie Downey Jr.
  4. Beardie Gaga
  5. Beardie McConaughey
  6. Beardie Mercury
  7. Beardie Murphy
  8. Beardie O’Donnell
  9. Beardie Parton
  10. Beardie Sanders
  11. Beardie Spears
  12. Beardie White
  13. Lizardo DiCaprio
  14. Mary Pogonins
  15. Reptile Wilson
  16. Salamanderson Cooper
  17. Scaley Potter
  18. Will Feral

40 Funny Bearded Dragon Names Inspired by Movies

When it comes to choosing from funny bearded dragon names these playful movie inspired monikers could reflect your pet’s quirky characteristics, and your own sense of humor. From the comically grandiose to the delightfully whimsical, each name on this list is more than just a label—it’s a conversation starter, a story in itself, and a reflection of the fun you bring to each other.

  1. Alonzo – After Denzel Washington’s character in “Training Day,” for a tough lizard.
  2. Austin Powers – For the reptiles with mojo.
  3. Beetlejuice – For a bearded dragon that’s the life of the party.
  4. Bilbo – For those who are curious and love to explore.
  5. Borat – Strong and unique personality.
  6. Bubba – Inspired by “Forrest Gump” for a bearded dragon that could be a best friend
  7. Doc – A “Back to the Future” reference for the wise.
  8. Donkey – For a chatty and friendly bearded dragon.
  9. Elwood – One of the “Blues Brothers,” for a reptile with style.
  10. Ferris – For a bearded dragon that seems to be always “off.”
  11. Frodo – For the adventurous spirit.
  12. Godzilla – For a tiny bearded dragon with a mighty presence.
  13. Gollum – Perfect for a bearded dragon with a possessive nature over his tank.
  14. Hiccup – For a reptile that has a surprising turn of speed.
  15. Hulk – For a strong and bold character.
  16. Inigo – As in Inigo Montoya, for those with flair for the dramatic.
  17. Jabba – For a laid-back bearded dragon who loves to lounge.
  18. Jules – As in Jules Winnfield from “Pulp Fiction,” for a bearded dragon with attitude.
  19. Marty McFly – For a bearded dragon that’s always darting back and forth.
  20. Maverick – After the “Top Gun” pilot, for a lizard that loves heights.
  21. Morpheus – For a bearded dragon who always seems to be dreaming.
  22. Neo – If your lizard seems to dodge everything effortlessly.
  23. McLovin – For a comical personality.
  24. Minion – For a playful and mischievous demeanor.
  25. Mr. Miyagi – For a reptile that’s a little mentor.
  26. Nacho – Inspired by “Nacho Libre,” for a bearded dragon that’s a little bit wild.
  27. Napoleon – After “Napoleon Dynamite,” for a quirky charm.
  28. Rambo – For the most action-packed.
  29. Rizzo – For a bearded dragon with a bit of grease lightning.
  30. Rocky – For a little fighter.
  31. Shrek – For a dragon with a big personality.
  32. Slinky – After the dog from “Toy Story” with a spring in his step.
  33. Spock – For a dragon that’s all about logic.
  34. Sully – After the big, blue monster for a big-hearted dragon.
  35. Toto – For a reptile not in Kansas anymore.
  36. Vito – For a bearded dragon that demands respect, “The Godfather” style.
  37. Wall-E – For a bearded dragon that’s curious about everything.
  38. Wazowski – For those with an eye for mischief.
  39. Yoda – After the wise and powerful Jedi Master.
  40. Zoolander – For the most handsome bearded dragon in the terrarium.

50 Funny Bearded Dragon Names That Are Gender Neutral

Prepare for a hearty dose of humor and delight with these gender neutral names for bearded dragons. This whimsical collection of names for bearded dragons is unisex. They are not only charming but also incredibly amusing, designed to bring a smile to your face each time you call your bearded dragon.

  1. Bean
  2. Biscuit
  3. Bodkin
  4. Bubbles
  5. Buttercup
  6. Cheeto
  7. Cupcake
  8. Cupid
  9. Doodle
  10. Dumpling
  11. Fuzzball
  12. Giggles
  13. Gogo
  14. Hotdog
  15. Jelly Belly
  16. Jellybean
  17. Ladybug
  18. Licorice
  19. M&M
  20. Marshmallow
  21. Mojo
  22. Muffin
  23. Noodle
  24. Nugget
  25. Pancake
  26. Peanut
  27. Pickle
  28. Pickles
  29. Popcorn
  30. Popsicle
  31. Poptart
  32. Pretzel
  33. Pudding
  34. Pumpkin
  35. Scooch
  36. Sizzle
  37. Skittles
  38. Snickers
  39. Spaghetti
  40. Spork
  41. Sprinkles
  42. Squishy
  43. Tater Tot
  44. Tinkerbell
  45. Tofu
  46. Truffle
  47. Twinkie
  48. Twix
  49. Waffles
  50. Wiggles

Funny Bearded Dragon Names Conclusion

We hope this list of funny bearded dragon names gave you inspiration and a hearty dose of laughter along the way. Naming your scaly companion is a special journey, and these quirky and amusing names have surely added a touch of whimsy to your lizard’s identity. Your bearded dragon’s name is a reflection of their unique personality and the bond you share. Whether you choose a name that’s punny, food-inspired, or simply tickles your funny bone, it’s all about celebrating the joy and companionship your beardie brings into your life. May your days be filled with endless smiles and cherished moments with your funny-named, scaly friend!