Bearded Dragon Cuddles [& 5 signs of enjoyment]

Bearded dragon cuddles can melt hearts, but do they enjoy it? It is easy for us to recognize when our dogs or cats want to cuddle but in reptiles it can be harder for us to recognize their desire for our company.

Although some may still need taming there are plenty who are already well into appreciating their human companion. How your bearded dragon reacts to you is dependent on both you and your bearded dragons personality.

Bearded dragons are very capable learners and quickly start to associate your sound and scent with the experience that it brings whether good or otherwise.

In recent years research has been able to find evidence that bearded dragons are sentient beings. This has many repercussions. From the pet owners side, it means we need to be more alert to behaviors that indicate that our bearded dragons are seeking our attention.

Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively. Wikipedia

A cuddle, in a bearded dragons world, isn’t that different to that of a cat or dog really. Bearded dragon cuddles are essentially a snuggle up into you and and perhaps progressing into seeking a gentle scratch around the ear.

Without the facial muscles to create expressions and sounds that tell us they are enjoying their snuggle; it is hard for us to gauge how much they enjoy it. Yet all over the world there are more than just bearded dragon owners, in fact reptile owners of many species, that speak of how much their reptiles enjoy being with them.

On the other hand, there are plenty of reptile owners who find their reptiles aloof and are equally convinced that the relationship is little more than that of survival. They see their reptiles simply relating humans to food and other needs. This does not mean that the relationships are not enjoyable, just in a different form. Some reptile owners enjoy watching their pets just be reptiles whereas others want to experience a close bond.

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5 Signs of Enjoying Bearded Dragon Cuddles

5 signs your bearded dragon cuddle is going well can include:

  1. Relaxing with you.
  2. Plopping down on you.
  3. Shutting its eyes as you stroke its back, massage its little legs or scratch around the ears.
  4. Climbing up on your shoulders and snuggling against your neck.
  5. Coming to your hand as you stroke it.

Snuggling is not just for humans. There is many a bearded dragon that will cuddle up to cats, dogs and other pets.

Many pet owners will cuddle up on the couch or even on their bed. While this is awfully cute and difficult to resist, safety comes first. Preventing zoonotic diseases is important for your health and your bearded dragon’s future with you. The bedroom is not the best place to cuddle. In some states of Australia, the reptile keeping regulations prohibit keeping reptiles in your bedroom.

The odd thing is that bearded dragons don’t naturally live in groups (lounges). So it is not easy to relate to why so many bearded dragons appear to enjoy their cuddle time.

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Bearded dragon cuddles come in the form of snuggling into you or other pets. Cuddling into warm spots like your lap or neck seems to be a favourite for many. While many pet owners enjoy the bond that forms, not everyone gets to experience it. The bond is very dependent on you and your reptiles personalities.

Once you have enjoyed your bearded dragon cuddle, pop your bearded dragon back in its enclosure. It needs its specialized environment for good health.

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Does your bearded dragon cuddle with you?

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