baby bearded dragons

Keeping Bearded Dragons

Maintaining and Preparing Crickets, Roaches and more for feeding

Maintaining crickets and roaches for feeding your reptile is relatively simple since the long term productivity of the colony is ...
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good name for my bearded dragon

Perfect names for Your bearded dragon

What is a good name for your bearded dragon? Here are over 700 great names for your bearded dragon whether ...
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Overcrowded conditions when growing mealworms

Breeding and Raising Mealworms

Growing Mealworms Mealworm Substrate, Food and Water The mealworms substrate is also their food. Providing a fine substrate will assist ...
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Mice pups for bearded dragons

Feeding mice pups to bearded dragons either fresh and frozen is not necessary for bearded dragons and may not be ...
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bearded dragon warming up

Pet Bearded Dragons – Species, Cost, Licensing and Care

Bearded dragons are easy to take care of, compared to some other reptiles, this is why they are often referred ...
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Importing and Exporting Bearded Dragons

Live animals including birds, fish and reptiles (bearded dragons) are prohibited to be imported to Australia except under quarantine conditions ...
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diseases related to bearded dragon reptile

Can my bearded dragon make me sick and Can I Make it Sick?

Can bearded dragons make you sick? Yes, your bearded dragons can make you sick. Dr Callista Chinenye Emecheta is a ...
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how do I grieve my bearded dragon died last night

My Bearded Dragon Died

The loss of a pet is more than just the loss of an animal, it is the loss of a ...
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