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romaine lettuce veggies for bearded dragon

Diet, Food & Nutrition for Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are generalists in their diet. In the wild the baby bearded dragon diet is mostly invertebrates, the juvenile ...
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bearded dragons eat pansies

6 Hacks to get your Bearded Dragon To Eat Greens

Bearded dragon doesn't eat greens or vegetables? Here are 6 ways to get your bearded dragon to eat greens. Causes ...
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vitamin d3 sources bearded dragons

Simplifying Calcium and Vitamin D3

How well do you think you would score on getting calcium and vitamin D3 for bearded dragons in the right ...
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Bearded dragon drinking drops of water misted onto the wall of its house

How to Get Your Bearded Dragon to Drink and Dehydration

There are a few ways to get your bearded dragon to drink and if all else fails, there are ways ...
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What you feed your bearded dragon will have a direct impact on its long term health and well being. Some of the considerations for determining the right diet for your pet bearded dragon include:

  • The species of Pogona (i.e. Pogona vitticeps, Pogona barbata, Pogona minor minor)
  • The biological phase/state it is in (i.e. age, gravid)
  • Health
  • Environment
Bearded dragon eating a range of vegetables
Bearded dragon eating a range of vegetables (Tracey Wellards Norbert)