Clean Bearded Dragon Cages

In captivity it is essential to clean bearded dragon cages effectively to support good health. As a captive animal, it is confined to small spaces which exposes them to higher concentrations of pathogens and parasites with the enclosure size and cleanliness determining the concentration level. Effective and consistent cleaning is vital to prevent disease and support good health.

Cleaning schedules

Daily cleaning

Weekly cleaning

  • Remove loose waste
  • Spot clean marks off walls and floors
  • Disinfect the water bowl and provide clean water
  • Disinfect food bowl
  • Daily cleaning is typically maintenance cleaning. Exceptions occur when parasites or ill health are a concern.
  • Disinfect walls and floors in their entirety
  • Disinfect all accessories

The weekly cleaning is far more in depth and requires the removal of all accessories disinfecting all the surfaces of the enclosure and accessories. This is certainly where the choice of substrate will make a major difference in the effectiveness of cleaning with solid substrates such as tiles being far superior than loose substrates at aiding cleanliness.

 Cleaning products

To make the decision on what methods and/or chemicals to clean with, one must be clear on what the cleaning is expected to achieve. As the goal here is to control the level of pathogens and parasites that will quickly build in confined and heated conditions, suitable cleaning products are limited.

vinegarVinegar just doesn’t make the grade for effectively killing pathogens and is unlikely to do any harm to most parasites. Bleach is a cheap cleaner and can be used against a number of threats with some notable exceptions such as coccidia. However cleaning the vivarium with bleach will be problematic in that it is toxic and the fumes can stay around for some time. If bleach is the choice then it must be thoroughly removed from the enclosure before placing the reptile back.

f10-veterinary-grade-information-sheet For standard cleaning veterinary grade disinfectants make for a fantastic choice since they are created to deal with a vast array of pathogens. F10 is bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal. On top of that it is biodegradable, non toxic and doesn’t irritate. F10 may appear on the surface to be expensive, however the ratio to water is so little that it is quite economical. This makes it an excellent all round cleaner within the budget of anyone who can afford to keep a reptile.

steam cleaner
Hand held steam cleaner

For those who prefer totally chemical free or when there is an infection of coccidia or other difficult to eradicate pathogens and parasites you can clean bearded dragon cages cleaning by steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is highly effective when done in a methodical manner. The wand must be moved horizontally moving it from the top down covering every inch of space. The steam should not bound back up on areas already cleaned to reduce anything becoming airborne recontaminated already cleaned areas. Repeating the action twice will assist in covering all areas.

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