bearded dragon out for walk


Building trust and friendship with your bearded dragon

Building trust and friendship with your bearded dragon There is nothing more disappointing than finding your pet does not want to be touched ...
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Bearded dragon is sleeping during brumation

My Bearded Dragon wont Wake Up | Brumation

My Bearded Dragon won't Wake up! Is it Sleeping or Brumating? Bearded dragons in the wild will brumate every year ...
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bearded dragons living together

Here’s What Happened When These Bearded Dragons LiveD Together

Baby bearded dragons competing for resources. With this behaviour, one will quickly outgrow the other bringing with it even greater ...
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Temperature affects bearded dragons behavior

When your bearded dragon is warm it will react differently as to when it is cool. This can impact where you think you are with the progress of the taming process as it becomes far more animated and reactive when warm. Temperature may not be the reason, but it is worth checking they are not fluctuating too much except for the expected changes between night and day. Controlled fluctuations can come later as part of environmental enrichment once the relationship has been established.

Do Bearded Dragons Bite?

Yes bearded dragons can bite. A bite can break the skin and cause bruising. But your bearded dragon will usually let you know it isn’t happy before it bites you by hissing, puffing, displaying its beard or even trying to run away before resorting to biting.

If you see signs that your beardie isn’t comfortable and is giving the impression it may bite, leave it to calm down first. Consider how to refocus its attention before touching it. There are some tips for helping your bearded dragon to become more friendly in the article on taming.

If you do ever get bitten by your Bearded Dragon, go to your doctor even if the wound is minor. Any broken skin no matter how small from an animal bite should receive medical attention immediately.

Territorial Behaviours

Wild male bearded dragons control territories, this does not change in captivity. The males will protect their territory from other males. Contact will result in fighting.

Females hold smaller territories within the males territory.