bearded dragon

Pogona minor minor





Do I need to remove the eggs from the female?

Bearded Dragons do not have maternal or paternal instincts, they lay their eggs and leave them, their role as a parent ends there. Any eggs laid that are to be hatched are removed after laying and hatched separately. Hatchlings will be killed if left with either parent.

Body Condition Scoring

The same body condition scoring used for mammals, is also applied to reptiles. Scale ranges from 1 (emaciated) to 5 (obese) or 9 (grossly obese), depending on the scoring table used. Reptile considerations for body score include girth of the tail and palpability of the ribs.

Body scoring by scales is subjective but useful as a quick guide and for longer term monitoring of body condition.

  1. Emaciated
    Fat is not visible. Bones visible.
  2. Thin
    Limited fat. Ribs and pelvic bones visible.
  3. Optimal
    Bone outline may be slightly visible.
  4. Mildly overweight
    Bones may be slightly visible. Few millimeters of fat over ribs and tail.
  5. Obese
    No bones protrude, nor palpable. Base of tail very thick. Fat is interfering with normal movement including length of stride.

Bearded dragons can learn by watching and imitating others, even when watched by video. For the full story go to

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