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Preparing Branches, Rocks and Accessories - Bearded Dragons World

Preparing Branches, Rocks and Accessories


Treating New Branches, Rocks and Accessories for the Habitat

Gathering your own accessories can be rewarding, create a unique and more natural environment and certainly reduce costs in setting up. However before items from the outdoors can be used, they should be checked for sharp edges and treated to prevent unnecessary contamination of pathogens.

Remove or buff down any sharp edges where necessary. Branches may be taken directly from appropriate trees in a green state. These are best left to dry out which is likely to take some months.

Items are best treated with heat and/or disinfectant can be added. A water and bleach mix can be used but thorough rinsing is required to avoid poisoning the animal. Simply because of its harshness to the environment and potential issues it may cause to the intended resident, it is best avoided. F10 is an ideal all round disinfectant developed specifically to be used with animals and is a better option.

cleaning enclosures with f10 veterinary grade disinfectantFor items that can cope with the heat of an oven, place them in the oven at around 300°F 150°C or higher for 2 or so hours. Monitor any items in an oven, fire may be a risk. Once it has cooled to your environments temperature it will be ready for your bearded dragons house.

A small steam cleaner is useful for cleaning many accessories and will eradicate a vast array of pathogens. Use the steam cleaner in a methodical manner waving the wand slowly over the accessory ensuring areas that splash back does not occur on any area that has already been cleaned.[/fusion_text]

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