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Misting bearded dragons - Bearded Dragons World

Misting bearded dragons

Misting frequency and methods

Misting (or spraying) a bearded dragon is a common practice as part of a hydration routine and particularly useful in environments that are low in humidity. Misting can also be used to encourage drinking water, moving water is far more attractive than still water.

Just a note for glass enclosures, they have poor air circulation and mixed with pathogens in the tank there is potential to create a very unhealthy environment mixed with heat. In such cases it is best that any misting occurs outside the enclosure.

Not all bearded dragons will readily accept misting. Ensure the misting bottle is set to a mist stray and not a stream. Try spraying around the animal rather than on it when it is new to the experience. Spraying on the floor can encourage some to surf along on their bellies, most amusing to watch.

Spraying daily or interchanging with bathing may assist with hydration levels and can certainly be a useful shedding aid.

In a survey conducted by Bearded Dragons World for 21 bearded dragons, 12 had a misting routine ranging between daily to once a week, 3 were misted occasionally if the weather was hot and 9 were not provided a misting routine at all. The majority of survey respondents provided glass enclosures which is likely to provide some explanation for the lack of misting routines.

[progress percentage=”57″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#008000″ unfilledcolor=”#81d742″ striped=”yes” animated_stripes=”yes” textcolor=”” class=”” id=””]Misting routine daily to once a week[/progress]

[progress percentage=”14″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#008000″ unfilledcolor=”#81d742″ striped=”yes” animated_stripes=”yes” textcolor=”” class=”” id=””]Misted occasionally hot weather[/progress]

[progress percentage=”42″ unit=”%” filledcolor=”#008000″ unfilledcolor=”#81d742″ striped=”yes” animated_stripes=”yes” textcolor=”” class=”” id=””]No misting routine[/progress]

Direct fluid intake is the most effective and assured method of maintaining hydration.

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